Select Exhibitions

2012 Still Life
SUNDOR Gallery, Guangdong China

2011 Flags
Le Batofar, Paris France

2011  Boston Center for the Arts‘
Artist Residency program from March-June

2009 12-Hour Difference  Women Artist From The East And West,
Zero Factory Gallery
798 Art Area Beijing, Beijing China

2009 Northeast Contemporary Ink and Wash Exhibition
GAODI Gallery
798 Art Area Beijing
Beijing China

2008 Flags
Multi National Group Exhibition
Lamrouge Gallery

2008 Tile Installation
Multi National Group Exhibition
Part of TransCultural Exchange’s World Exhibition
Ku Art Center
Beijing China

2007 Solo Exhibition
Sunflower Gallery
798 Art Area
Beijing China

2006 Three Female Artists Exhibition
JiuYuJinLaiXuan Gallery
Wine Factory Art Park
Beijing China

2006 The Co-Exhibition of Five Female Artists
Junlin Gallery
Beijing China

2005 Ink and Wash Spirit
Beijing Yanhuang Art Gallery
Beijing China

2004 Dream Perplexity, Modern Female Identification
A Feminism Art Exhibition
China Women Activity Center
Beijing China

2003 Freedom Breath
International Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists
HaiShangShan Art Centre
Shanghai, China

2002 Painting Exhibition in Winter
Beijing International Art Gallery
Beijing China

2001 Ink and Wash
Seven Person Painting Exhibition
Beijing HuanYu Art Gallery
Beijing China

1999 Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition of China and Japan

1999 First Exhibition of Young Artists
The Beijing Organizing Garden
Beijing China

1998 Four Woman Painters Painting Exhibition
Beijing DangDai Art Gallery
Beijing China

1996 Fifteen Artists Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition
China Academy of Fine Arts
Hangzhou China


Zhangping studied in the Shenyang Lu Xun Fine Arts Academy
Chinese Painting Department in Shenyang city, Liaoning Province China.
In 1990 year, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts
from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts.


2009 Work "Big woman" by Beijing 798 Art District Zero Field Art Center collection
2009 Work "ZhouNenlai and DengYingchao", "XuGuangqi", "Yanyuan" by Chinese Culture Research Center collection
2008 Work "Paris Scenery" by "Oriental Art” Magazine collection.
2006 Work "Woman" by Beijing JunLin Gallery collection.
2006 Work "Buddha" by JiuYuJinLaiXuan Gallery collection.
2003 Work "Buddha" by the Shanghai HaiShangShan Art Centre collection.


2006–2010 Academy of Arts & Design,
Tsinghua University,
Beijing China
2006–2010 China Women's University
Beijing China
2004–2006 Beijing City University
Beijing China
1997–2004 College of Art and Design of BJUT
Beijing China


2002 Paris International Art City Trimester
Three month painting residency
Paris, France


1. Works "Big Bird" and "Orchid" published in 1999
"21st Century Chinese Painting Masters of Flower-and-Bird Art"
Liaoning Fine Art Publishing
2. Works "Lonely valley" and "Autumn Rain" published in 1999
"21st Century Chinese Painting Masters of Landscape Art"
Liaoning Fine Art Publishing
3. Work "Landscape” Chinese Painting published in
"Chinese Contemporary Artists" (1999–2000 volumes)
4. Works published in “Artistic Condition” the First, Third,
Nineteenth and the Twentieth Editions
Arts and Humanities Publishing
5. Work “Buddha" and "Sisters” published in 1999–2001 and 1999–2002 volumes
“Artistic Famous Artists DaFangZhai Holding”
Hong Kong Gallery publishing
6. Work "Woman" published in “Traditional Chinese Painting Expert”
2007/8/9 volumes
7. Works "Paris Scenery" published in "Oriental Art” Chinese Painting 2008/3

Zhangping Bio

Zhangping grew up in Dandong City in Liaoning Province, China. The city sits on the border between China and North Korea; here the Yalu River, which flows past the city and into the Korean bay, divides the two countries.

Dandong is a city rich in history, both ancient and modern. The Hushan (Tiger Mountain in English) Wall is located here. This wall, being the far Eastern end of the Great Wall, is also the eastern gateway into China, an important aspect of the city’s history. The strategic role the city has played throughout China’s long history, as the first line of defense on the eastern border, is something the artist has always felt while growing up in the city.  

Having been a city on the edge of ever changing empires, Dandong has seen many struggles throughout history. Zhangping grew up amongst these ghost of past struggles, they were there around every corner for her to see, a reminder of the challenges in life people have faced throughout the years. In Zhangping’s art, the concept of life’s challenges and the struggles of the individual in society would eventually find its way, and become the nucleus of her work.

Zhangping began her formal art training in the Traditional Chinese Painting department, at Lu Xun Academy Of Fine Arts, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. She studied both the traditional techniques of Chinese Painting and also the “Western” styles of painting (oil on canvas), becoming a skilled and versatile artist, able to work astutely in a multiple of medias. Today she continues to paint using both styles, “Eastern” and “Western”, sometimes cross pollinating one style with the other’s media.

After graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree, Zhangping continued to paint in Dandong until she moved to Beijing in 1993, where she has lived and painted ever since. In Beijing she maintains a painting studio, and, when she is not too busy with her work, she teaches at several of the cities’ Universities. Zhangping has exhibited her artwork in numerous shows, her most recent exhibitions have been at galleries in the famous 798 Art District of Beijing.